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U.S. Armed Forces Day 2017 MIL-STD-188-110A PSK RATT use, click here for more info and download MS-DMT below.

MS-DTM/TE via USB cable to IC7200, click to enlarge MS-DTM/TE on Winbook in metal stand on station rack shelf, click to enlarge

MIL-STD Data Modem Terminal (MS-DMT) Files Download

NOTICE: At present MS-DMT software does not require a license file as does MARS-ALE for two-way communications. However this may change in the futures as additional features are added to the application.

When installing the sofware under Vista or later, ***DO NOT*** install to the default C:\PROGRAM FILES\ path. Vista and later require programs that are in the "Program Files" or "Program Files (x86)" folders to write data to the "ProgramData" folder. MS-DMT does not support that convention. To overcome the limitation, just install MS-DMT to its own unique folderunder the root folder of your main drive. One suggestion is to install it to a "C:\MS_DMT\" folder but any meaningful name will do.

NOTE: Authorized MS-DMT users with Amateur Radio licenses be aware that Military data modem serial tone waveforms use 1200 or 2400 baud symbol rates which are NOT legal for all Amateur Radio use on HF. FCC rules that took effect on 05 MARCH 2012 for 60m permit Data transmission use as long as the emitted signal is held to 2.8Khz BW or less. FCC rules also allow 1200 baud symbol rate use for data transmission at 28Mhz and above. Also, current FCC rules seem to permit use of military serial tone waveforms for Digital Voice or Image transmissions were such transmissions are permitted.

Video on the basic MS-DMT install based on running the INSTALL.EXE without the autorun of the MS Visual Studio C++ redistribution install.

Guide to Military 2400 baud PSK waveforms on the PC Sound Device Modem v1.00

MS-DMT v1.01 Build Test Build #7 full install (INSTALL.EXE) plus MS Visual Studio C++ redistribution install. The INSTALL.EXE can be run from inside the .zip and from the web without downloading if desired. The VS2008 Redistribution automatically lauches after the MS-DMT install completes.

MS-DMT v1.01 Build Test Build #7 partial install (INSTALL.EXE) for those who have already installed the VS2008 Redistribution during beta testing. The INSTALL.EXE can be run from inside the .zip and from the web without downloading if desired.

VS2008 Service Pack 1 Redistribution runtime which is only provided in the full install above. Right click to download or click to install directly from this site.

Guide to running MS-DMT INSTALL.EXE, also included in the MS-DMT distribution .zip files above.

MS-DMT Technial Library DRAFT, also included in the MS-DMT installs above.

Latest DRAFT MS-DMT Quick Start and User Guide in .pdf format.

MIL-STD Data Modem Primer

MIL-STD Data Modem Primer v1.08

.WAV Test Files

Hardware modem generated MS-110A 75bps LONG WAV. file for loopback testing on same PC and Sound Device

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