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Marconi FM Deviation/AM Modulation meter model TF-2304:

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RF sensitivity is 50 mV up to 600 MHz and 100 mV up to 1000 MHz. IF output frequency is 400 kHz nominal.

FM/AM Modulation Meter
Automatic Operation
Carrier Frequency Range: 9 to 12.5 MHz and 18 to 1000 MHz
FM Deviation in Eight Ranges: 1.5 to 150 kHz FSD
AM Depth in Three Ranges: 10, 30 and 100%
Input Level Indication
AC Supply and Rechargeable Battery Option
RF Input
Carrier Frequency Range: 9 to 12.5MHz and 18 to 1000MHz with automatic tuning and automatic level setting. Maximum time to reading: approximately 5 s
Sensitivity: Better than 50mV up to 600MHz, better than 100mV up to 1000MHz
Maximum Working Input: 1V RMS extending to 7V with switchable 20 dB nominal pad
Maximum Safe Input: 1W (7V into 50 ohm) continuous
Switchable Attenuator: 20 dB nominal
Input Impedance: 50 ohm nominal
Level Indication: Two LED lamps indicate if the input level is too low or too high
Frequency Modulation
Deviation Ranges: Eight ranges (using x2 and x10 switches) giving full scale peak deviations of 1.5, 3, 5, 10, 15, 30, 50 and 150 kHz. Positive or negative deviation indication is selected by a switch
Modulation Frequency Range: Over the range 50Hz to 9kHz
Amplitude Modulation
Modulation Depth Range: Full scale indication 10%, 30% and 100% (usable up to 95%).
Peak or trough indication selected by a switch
Modulation Frequency Range: Over the range 50Hz to 9kHz
IF Output
Level: 100mV EMF nominal from 1kohm source
AF Output
Demodulated AF output available at front panel socket
Level: 1mW nominal into 600 ohm with meter at FSD
3 dB bandwidth: Nominally 20Hz to 15kHz
BNC sockets for RF input, IF output and AF output

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