WACOM WP-678 70cm Duplexer



This is a used WP-678-R2 BpBr rack mount duplexer serial number 10111-E suitable for use on the 70cm Amateur Radio Band.

The external cabinet shows some signs of wear and tear to include some scratches and minor rust. All factory labels are in place and perfectly legible, all of which can be seen in the photos below.

$425USD cash picked up or $495USD via U.S. Postal Money Order and shipped within CONUS via UPS

Interested parties can reach me via e-mail at n2ckh.com@gmail.com or via phone at 1-828-393-7385.


Here are two factory documents on the WP-678 duplexer:

WP-678 data sheet

WP=678 tuning instructions


All of the photographs contained within these pages are of the unit that I have for sale.

NOTE: The photos on the additional pages are large closeup images that will take some time to load and are displayed at first in a reduced format after loading, clicking on them will allow for resizing to full resolution and scrolling will then be required.

WP-678 Duplexer Front

WP-678 Duplexer Top

WP-678 Duplexer Rear

WP-678 Ant Connector

WP-678 Right Side

WP-678 Left Side

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